Take Client Relationships to New Levels with Building Software

Take Client Relationships to New Levels with Building Software

Published on: 05-11-2014 | by Misty in Building Software, Master Builders App, Builders App, Paperless, Mobile Workforce

As a master builder, you will always be working with a client who trusts you with making the house of their dreams into a reality, or in building that commercial property with which they will be entrusting their future and financial independence. That is why it is important to maintain good client relationships and that is where Building Software can help you out.

Ways That the Software Can Help out in Improving Client Relationships

Master Builders App can help build and improve on existing client relationships with these capabilities:

The app allows clients access to information regarding their project.
With the Web-based features of the app, you can now update your clients as to what’s going on with their projects without requiring them to pay you a visit. You can simply give them access rights to the project’s details that they can view using their mobile devices. When there are reports relevant to their building project that come in, they can view it at the same time as you.

The app makes real-time updates and reporting possible.
While the capabilities of the Building Software can allow them to view reports and other updates at will, there would be occasions that clients will request reports out of the blue. You can now generate paperless reports as fast as your clients ask for them, because everything that you need will be easily accessible using the app’s database.

Improve the security of their data.
Client data is very sensitive, and it is your obligation as a businessman to act as the guardian of this sensitive information. While this task may seem daunting or even Herculean at first glance, the Builders App actually makes it a lot easier for you by giving you three access levels to protect your database. You can practically say goodbye to data theft from the rank-and-file employees as most of your mobile workforce e will be restricted only to viewing the forms that have been assigned to their user log in.

Transparency and Security Are Key

In a nutshell, the application will allow your company to become more transparent when it comes to dealing with clients. Transparency – another word for honesty – is really important in nourishing relationships, as it makes them feel comfortable in trusting you with their building projects. More importantly, the Building Software also adds to your business’ transparent image by providing you with a reputation of being 100% concerned about the safety of your clients’ data.

If you are looking for the ideal solution to improving your workflow process AND your relationships with your existing clients, then investing in this Building Software is what you need. Contact us and let us know how we can help you attain your business goals and improve your productivity by at least 60%.

Find out how to take client relationships to new levels with Building Software. Take our tour today!

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