How to Ensure Building and Construction Safety with Master Builders App

How to Ensure Building and Construction Safety with Master Builders App

Published on: 17-09-2014 | by Misty in Masters Builders App, App for Builders, Builders Software, Mobile Forms, Paperless, Mobile Workforce

When constructing a building, it is always important to keep safety concerns in mind alongside your timetables and schedules. You need standards and measures in place to make sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to in a manner that does not endanger their fellow workers. Monitoring may be a nightmare for most professionals but with our Master Builders App on your side, this should not be a cause of major concern for the building contractor.

How Can the App Help?

We will get into the specific features of the app in the next section. But first, let us summarize what the program can do to help make it easier for you to ensure the safety of your workers while keeping true to the agreed timetables with the building owner.

First off, Master Builders App will streamline the process of reporting with its wireless and paperless reporting capabilities. You can easily create mobile forms that correspond to specific functions within your entire workflow or process, such as quality and safety control, for instance.

This way, you can keep track of everything that is going on from a central location, like your headquarters.

Features of the App

These are the features of the app that can help you out with your building company’s processes:

Customizable digital forms
As mentioned earlier, the Master Builders App will provide you with an array of customizable forms. Under this workflow, the paperless forms correspond to a task or a department within your entire building organization. The best thing about these forms is that they are 100% digital – your mobile workforce simply uses their tablet or smartphone to access these forms at work.

Real-time reporting and updates
Here is possibly one good reason why you should be investing in an App for Builders – they let you know when there is a problem in the field, right away! What you should do is create a specific form for emergency procedures that your field teams can download and fill up whenever something goes wrong. When they do submit it, the report arrives at your headquarters in real time. This is because the report is sent through the Internet and into the Web-based dashboard that our Builders Software provides you with your investment.

Flexible database
With the Master Builders App, you can continue working with your legacy database software. The app can easily integrate with any existing database system in your company without compelling you to spend too much time and money training your staff with the new process.

With this Master Builders App in your arsenal, your construction company will be able to realize a whole new workflow that will make job management a lot easier for you and your staff. You can only see this come to fruition by putting in a cost-effective investment in the app.

Find out how Master Builders App can benefit your Master Builders company. Take our tour today!

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