How Builders App Helps Safeguard Your Business Information

How Builders App Helps Safeguard Your Business Information

Published on: 01-10-2014 | by Misty in Builders App, Builders Software, App for Builders, Mobile Forms, Paperless, Mobile Workforce, Digital Forms, Smart Forms

When you’re engaged in business, especially as a Master Builder, you need to make sure that your information systems are secure and will not leave your company prone to having their data stolen. You are actually dealing with sensitive client data such as building plans, budgetary concerns, and other information that are best kept hidden. That is why you need to invest in the Builders App in this day and age when everything is almost done digitally.

Data Theft is a Reality

Sadly, data being stolen by employees is a reality in today’s world. If you are still using paperwork to file reports, as well as keep information about your clients, then you’re in for a world of hurt. Do you realize how easy it is for your workers in the field to go to a copy center, and make copies of your clients’ building plans? It does not matter even what their intentions are, because what matters is that they have stolen that data that belongs to your clients. None of that, however, will come to pass when you safeguard your information with the Builders App.

Understanding the App’s Security Features More

What is this Builders Software? And how can it help you safeguard your sensitive client data, among others? Security-wise, the app is designed to limit or classify your users according to these three access levels:

Full Access
The Full Access group represents the Administrators, ideally the top level management folks. These people can access, edit, delete, or reassign mobile forms that have been assigned to one specific user; plus, they can also view the Portal facilities and access the paperless reports that have been forwarded to the management portal by your mobile workforce.

Portal-only Access
These users are given limited to access the Builders App management portal. While they can view reports and status messages of your teams, they are unable to edit, delete, or reassign the digital forms. They can be considered as second tier administrators, and are usually people in your headquarters rather than people who are in the field, with the exception of your building foreman.

Forms-only Access
This is the most basic of the access rights for users of the Builders App. This is the level of access that you grant to your mobile workforce in the field. These people can only access the smart forms that are assigned to them; and, once these forms are filled up, the data is forwarded to the management portal. Builders Software does not leave a copy of this information in your employees’ mobile devices, thus keeping at bay the possibility of data theft from your field agents.

With these three levels of access, you shouldn’t worry about having your data stolen. These are the checkpoints that ensure that no one has access to the information that they are not supposed to have copies of.

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