Going Paperless Can Ensure Job Site Safety for Your Construction Company

Going Paperless Can Ensure Job Site Safety for Your Construction Company

Published on: 28-07-2015 | by Misty in paperless, mobile workforce, mobile forms, digital forms, smart forms, electronic forms, Building Inspector App, Forklift Safety App, Vehicle Check App

Ensuring job site safety is one of the important pillars of any construction company. Your personnel need to comprehensively check all safety elements of your job site and make sure that everything is compliant. There is no room for error as this could spell disaster for your business. Your staff needs to complete all related job site safety checklists and processes. If you’re still using paper documents and processes, then we’re here to help. Below are some reasons why you should definitely go paperless.

Construction & Job Site Safety

Using paper safety checklists can drain your business of time and funds and may also put your job sites in danger. Going paperless can save you time and ensure that your job site is safe too. Using smart forms that practically fill themselves out, you can check off items in your list to ensure job site safety.

Your mobile workforce has to accurately fill out items in your job site safety checklist in order to maximize their presence in the field. They need to check every single detail to guarantee the safety of your company, your business, and your entire organization. The inclusion of process driven electronic forms, mandatory questions (ensuring the form cannot be submitted until these required fields are completed), incorporation of time, date and GPS tagging and the integrated camera image and tagging features deliver a far higher level of information and compliant data recording. There are so many benefits to investing in a simple to use and yet incredibly powerful, paperless solution like Formitize – to ensure timely and accurate data collection and reporting.

Timely Reporting

Because your mobile forms are stored in the cloud, you have instant access to the information submitted by your mobile workforce. This means that you and your management can view all of the information gathered in the field so that you can address any grievance or problem on time. No more waiting around for people to come into the office and submit their paper forms from the field. Using digital forms, your supervisors and field users can instantly generate paperless reports related to their job site safety inspections.

Timely reporting has the capacity to change the way you do business as your mobile workforce can now submit new information in real time. No need to wait for days or weeks for vital information to come in. Your company’s safety depends on it, so you might as well use a reliable paperless application such as the Health and Safety App and other related Formitize safety apps, including Forklift Safety App and Vehicle Check App.

There are so many ways to save when you invest in the right solution. Your business has the potential to grow as you save time, money, and resources, including personnel when you choose to replace paper documents and use electronic forms instead.
Going paperless can improve productivity for your entire organization as your administrative work is reduced. Plus, your mobile workforce will have make huge time savings as they no longer have to come into the office from your job site just to submit reports. They can simply fill out the smart forms, outline the areas that need to be fixed and ensure job site safety all around. This means you can all spend more time working on your business to improve overall efficiency and increase productivity.

Discover more amazing features when you make the switch to Formitize. Let us help you grow your construction business. Take the tour today!

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