Getting Ready for the Future with App for Builders

Getting Ready for the Future with App for Builders

Published on: 08-10-2014 | by Misty in App for Builders, Builders App, Building Software, Mobile Workforce, Mobile Forms

The future is always something that everyone looks forward to with excitement; but, for Master Builders, the future is already here with the App for Builders. There are more reasons for Master Builders to become really excited, as they now have within their grasp a technology that had only been a dream for people in the past decades.

Changes that the App Can Bring to Builders

The app, without doubt, can bring about several capabilities for your Building Company – capabilities that were once only possible when watching science-fiction movies. If you have been a fan of sci-fi shows like Star Trek and all that, then you will certainly love the following technological advances that the App for Builders has already made possible:

100% mobile workflows
In Star Trek, they use scanners that look awfully like the tablets and smartphones that we are seeing nowadays. Since they are very prevalent in this present age, it is only reasonable that technology would be developed so that it will allow us to tap into the potential of these mobile devices to improve our workflows. The app makes that possible – your mobile workforce will no longer rely on paperwork in many aspects of your workflow because they will now be using their mobile phones.

Instantaneous updates at your call
You can now say goodbye to obnoxious waiting times especially when you need to get reports made. Your foreman can actually make a report within a few minutes at the start of his day by accessing the mobile forms that the rest of the team has submitted using the centralized portal that the Builders App provides its users. If you or any of your higher level employees need to get a report made at any time, the portal will make it easy for your entire organization to create these.

Improvements to total production by at least 50%
Have you always wanted or have tried (but failed) to get productivity up by even 20%? Failure in this aspect is understandable because of the limitations of the system that you have in place. However, by implementing the technology of Building Software into your organization, you will find that the efficiency of the app’s system will bring about at least 50% improvement to your current production.

Instant access to resources
Continuing with our Star Trek example above, the crews of the Enterprise are able to access information on anything that they scan using their mobile equipment. You and your mobile workforce will have the same capability as well. Every information that you have uploaded into the database of this App for Builders can be easily accessed as well using any laptop, desktop, or mobile device.

The Future Is Here!

Indeed, the technology that people have associated with what they thought was the far future is now in existence and waiting for you to take advantage of it. To know how you can turn your building organization into the crew of the Enterprise, feel free to give us a call. We’ll be happy to “beam you up” like Spock.

Discover how App for Builders can help you get ready for the future of your business. Take our tour today!

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