Formitize Unveils New Master Builders App

Formitize Unveils New Master Builders App

Published on: 29-10-2014 | by Misty in Master Builders App, Master Builders, Builders App, Master Builder App, Building Software, paperless, digital forms

SYDNEY, Australia October 2014 – Formitize announces the launch of Master Builders App – designed to improve productivity for master builders around the world. This powerful paperless solution eliminates the use of cumbersome paperwork, which can significantly lighten the load of master builders businesses.

Constructing a building is a complex job and obviously involves a sizeable number of people. There should be management measures in place to handle and coordinate such a huge project and any master builders company could benefit greatly from investing in Master Builders for their management needs.

What to Expect from the App

Master builders can enjoy plenty of benefits from investing in the Builders App. These benefits include:

1. Real-time reporting
The app makes use of digital forms that substitute paperwork reporting. These forms make the entire submission process more convenient for master builders. Convenience will always translate to efficiency and expediency of the procedure. The process is even improved further by the app’s use of the cloud to submit paperless reports. These submissions are received instantly in headquarters, where it can be reviewed and returned for feedback when necessary.

2. Impressive Job Dispatching capabilities
The Master Builder App also provides master builders the capability to update jobs remotely in real time. Tasks can now be assigned instantly, so master builders are automatically notified that they have a new job to work on. If the new task is urgent, then they will be able to accommodate it right away and address it as quickly as possible. Back jobs and backlogs can be cleared pretty quickly now with this exciting new capability that the company can access when they invest in the app.

3. Guaranteed security for documents
Document and information security is an immense responsibility that companies need to address. The app provides master builders a controlled and secure environment where documents and information from the field are stored and accessed. Data theft is no longer a concern with the app’s excellent security protocols.

4. Full functionality even without Internet connection
It can be problematic for some master builders if there is no Internet connection available at the site. However, the app is designed to ‘synchronize’ its data with the Management Portal whenever it detects an active Internet connection. What can a master builder do if there is no Internet connection on site? He can take a few minutes to visit the nearest free Wi-Fi zone and allow the app to do its job and then go back to the site.

What’s Next?

These four benefits are definitely good reasons for master builders to check out this Building Software. There are, of course, many others benefits that they can realize once they have the system already set up in their companies.

Check out the other features of Master Builders App. Take the tour today!

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