A Day at the Site – How Apps for Builders Changes Lives

A Day at the Site – How Apps for Builders Changes Lives

Published on: 15-10-2014 | by Misty in Apps for Builders, Master Builders App, Building Software, Mobile Workforce, Paperless, Mobile Forms

Many Master Builders have seen more success and more happy clients with the help of the Apps for Builders. If you have not invested in this neat new technology yet, perhaps it is time that you give it a look and see what it can do to improve how your building company does things, and how it can assist in making your existing clients a lot happier.

What better way to make one understand about this Master Builders App than to present a scenario. This scenario will demonstrate one typical day at the building site, and, how having the app installed into the mobile devices that your mobile workforce uses will make a difference in the typical workflow of the team.

The Scenario

It is Monday. Your field foreman reports for work and he decides to check on the status of the building project. In the old days, he would have to go around with a paper checklist and inquire from the crew responsible for that task as to the status of the job. This is simply inefficient and, while it does the task, transparency is only around 50% most of the time. The foreman, of course, can spend time to go around and check things for himself but, with a big project, it will take time and he has to assemble his reports by the middle of the day.

With the Apps for Builders and mobile devices, however, this process is simplified and becomes more streamlined. The foreman can simply open up the Dashboard and check on the field reports related to the project that he is managing. These paperless reports are made and submitted by the head of the crew involved at the start of the day, as well, and are made available instantly to the foreman and other people with administrative rights the moment the people involved submit the mobile forms.

What does the foreman do with this information? He can file it away into the database, or he can use them to create something like a ‘Start of Day’ report that will help detail the day-to-day progress of the project itself.

The Benefits of the App

As you can see from the example scenario above, having the Apps for Builders implemented in your Master Builder workflow shaves off a lot of time for the foreman as he collects the information necessary for his reports, and also allows the rest of the team to start work sooner than in the first scenario where the app has not been implemented. It also allows the foreman to create and generate paperless reports faster than he was able to do in the past.

Of course, there are many other benefits to using the Building Software in your Master Builder practice. Find out more about these advantages and how you can start enjoying them. Take our tour today!

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